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Lucky Number 15 – Wrap up post

November 30, 2015

This is a wrap up post for a reading challenge — my first, actually — in my years of being a book nerd.

I like this challenge because I happen to have all the books in the categories and I can choose which book I wanted to read. I’m a sucker for reading challenge with predetermined books/authors.

Of all these books, “Everything I Never Told You” and “The Narrow Road to the Deep North” left a personal impression, simply because in one way or another, I’ve been there. I understand they way people look at you when you have different color and look (as in “Everything I Never Told You”) and being a World War II history junkie, I visited the setting of “The Narrow Road to the Deep North”. The narrow path of the Hellfire Pass was indeed eerie. Although what shocked me was the number of forced laborers from my country — that did not exist until the end of World War II — compared with those other countries.

I put “The Secret History” under freebies, although I ended up leaving a small amount of money as tip for the caretaker of an inn in Sanur, where I bumped into the book that I have been looking forward to read. It could have been free as the innkeeper told me to bring the naked book. But I didn’t feel like it does justice to the seminal work of Donna Tartt.

The reading challenge indeed gave me some deadline and direction in finishing up my backlog of books. I have probably several dozens of them.


To escape. To go somewhere. To nurture empathy. To find who you are. To enjoy a good story. To ask questions. To have a company.

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