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Vaccine hunting

October 9, 2015

Reviews said this is one of the best movie in 2015. So far. Next, I found my feet occupying two seats in an almost empty theater, two hours before midnight.

The opening scene could have been randomly plucked from some episodes of True Detective TV series. It’s widely known that TV series are getting better, bolder, and big screen actors and actresses are seen all over the small screen.

I was waiting. Emily Blunt, Josh Brolin and the enigmatic Benicio del Toro entered the screen. But so what? Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson, Rachel McAdams, Colin Farrell, Damien Lewis, Claire Danes, even Joe Morton have been part of smaller screen. The private jet in an almost empty airforce base was meaningless. The Criminal Minds gang crisscrossed the States using a private jet.

The wide screen turned khaki. A bird eye view of vast Chihuahuan Desert filled the length of the screen. Helicopter blades were whipping from my back, thumping music score followed in the background. The camera closed in down below. Hello, Juarez. Now that was eerie.

I no longer slouched.

The long convoy to the heart of the city reminded me of “Clear and Present Danger”. The two main characters peered warily outside. Nothing happened. The convoy went through the same way back to the border. Still nothing happened. The thumping score was replaced by some sort of string orchestra.

As the movie rolled, my mind was busy digging through my gray cells. I felt like I have seen the scenes before. It was in Tom Clancy’s “Against All Enemies”, sans war on terror.

Sicario was very focused on war on drugs that had taken place in Juarez, the most dangerous city in the world. Juarez has not always been about drugs, but also human trafficking and other things that gives you nightmare. (BTW, Jennifer Lopez starred in Bordertown. Quite okay movie.)

Sicario was the mind of mysterious “Medellin”, the name of Colombian Cartel that was dismantled by the US many many many moons ago. Medellin here is a person, whose Spanish is most probably recognized as Colombian accent by the local Juarez people who heard it.

Benicio del Toro has effortlessly immersed himself in the role. Every time his eyelid bats, every look he threw around, every single word he said. Let’s not go to gestures. Total bad a** As for Josh Brolin. Did we find the American Sean Connery? Emily Blunt lived up the expectation. She graduated from Edge of Tomorrow and presented herself as someone new, sans accent.

Watch the trailer here and get those movie tickets ASAP!

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