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Life is Easy

January 8, 2010

Its land warm, verdant and fertile. Its leaders are responsible. Its people love comfort and easy going. Mai pen rai. Its visitors always come back. For a piece of tranquility, a good dose of quirky culture, exotic foods.

The City of Angels bows down to you in two stretch of roads, where the scenes of only two lines of monorail trains criscrossing the shiny skycrapers set a futuristic tone, Sukhumvit and Silom. Your ultimate comfort zone –10 levels down your room will take you to mega stores of glitzy brands. Rodeo Drive looks archaic compares to Siam complex.

The whole city is on sale. Anything that will polish your looks, anything that’s edible and taste good: from plain steamed corn to corn milk and corn crackers. By the way, gaba rice is a trendy food nowadays.

It’s all good when you’re there holding a thick wad of any currency. Worry not, there are 7 levels of affordability.

Easy, life is easy. Not hygienic and orderly easy, it’s edgy. But yeah, after a year that’s just it. Hold on to your dear self. You may easily loose yourself over there. The canals of then Venice of the East seeps into your veins like ice cold brew served in frosted mug after a hard and long day.

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