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“Minutes of Meeting”

July 21, 2009

Business meetings may sound bored, especially when you have to take the minutes after a heavy meal 😀 However, if you happen to be a life-time student of English, meetings with native speakers is the occasion where you would pick up some new interesting vocabularies, idioms, phrases, slangs and whatsnots.

Here’s a few lines I jotted down as footnote to my formal minutes:

  • “your coverage mirrors ours”;
  • “if something breaks fast, we will be calling you”;
  • “we got this big monster we’re already funding”;
  • “the ball starts by rolling a bit”;
  • “to hook up somewhere”;
  • “line up your guys at the hotel”;
  • “dovetail into their system”;
  • “get their spin on that context”;
  • “do your homework”;
  • “getting same stuff down from them”;
  • “they’re good ball players”;
  • “that company may want to support their own child”;
  • “get nose to nose with something else”;
  • “is that cross the board influenza?”

If you had no idea what I’m talking about here, we’re on the same page. It’s supposed to be something fun to share. I still got a lot more things. Gotta dig into my old notebooks.

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