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Nana Moussaka and the Brown Lion

May 7, 2009

I bumped into these guys while they were busy jotting down answers to an almost exclusively all-Brits quiz in a British pub down Sukhumvit 33/1.

They were the stars of the quiz, secured second place from the bottom and had absolutely no clues to these oh-so-important songs and singers, as they grew up in parts of the world that the Britons had missed during their “Wave Ruling Years”:

Electric Light Orchestra, “Hungarian Polka” by Strauss, “Come on Everybody”, Ed Costello, “Those Were the Days” by Mary Hopkins.

However, they were really sure that there was a quite famous singer called “Nina Mouskouri”, which might as well be the hidden twin of “Nana Mouskouri”.

The duo was happy enough with their place in the quiz and opened a pack of ice cream on a stick, that wasn’t brown enough to be chocolate ice cream. It was cola flavor.

So, both headed home on a Kangaroo-gasoline-powered yellow-green cab that almost threw them out of the windows at every turn.

Tune in on this blog for more adventures from the dynamic duo who are currently trying to tame the heat of Southeast Asia.

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  1. Kiwiinacup permalink
    May 12, 2009 10:07 AM

    WE got a Brit now for the team, that is. Mr Baloo asks his friend, so now we can answer their national-romantic questions. Maybe we can be first from the bottom next time.

    lots of love

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