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Siam Square

February 22, 2009
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I lit up a cigarette by the shiny column of Lido Multiplex and walked down the sidewalk of Siam Square. The lights of the decadently stylish Siam Scala movie house was already turned off. Though those of 7 Eleven shop on the corner was still bright and loud.

Last night was windy. I didn’t have any jacket on. Somehow my nose told my brain the scent of sea breeze hung quite heavily on the air.

I walk slowly than ever. Piles of black plastic garbage bags were mounting on the side walk. Waiting for the dawn pick up. Homeless couple playing sitar on the left. Grease of roast duck dripped from the showcase of “MK Noodle Shop”, bustling with customers as always. Taxis in bubble gum paints lined up neatly, waiting for late night movie goers and night lurkers of Siam.

I was thinking of whether a hairdresser in town would be able to do my hair a la Brad Pitt in his peak of adulthood in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”. What would be the best things to do in your golden years also entered the scene. An evening online conversation with a friend and my self-coined term of “the Internet is for the lonely hearts” also worked up my mind a bit.

Below the sky bridge that connects the gigantic MBK and Siam Square I squished my cigarette. I climbed up the stairs of the bridge. Fighting gravity lazily every each step up. My sight bumped into an advertisement that says, “Moments of Love”. I dragged my feet two blocks away back to where I stay.

It’s almost midnight, says my watch.

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