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Idiot’s Guide to Life

February 15, 2009
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  • When someone shares you his/her scars of life, never ever say, “I understand how you feel.” Simply because you don’t. Unless you have *exactly* the same scars.
  • When you offer lunch and s/he decides to take you to dinner, that doesn’t mean s/he’s trying to be romantic nor nice. You should be glad s/he doesn’t ask you for a coffee instead.
  • It’s true that “a friend in need is a friend indeed”. However, make sure that you have at least one person to whom you can trust your life with. S/he is worth a lot more than your partner/spouse.
  • Your imagination does run wilder than your reality.
  • Apply “need-to-know basis” principle in relating to your parents. It shall boost your confidence, maturity and bring peace into your inner self.
  • Listen, don’t comment. Even professional care givers do listen.
  • When a secret that sounds too good is shared, then it should not leave your head. Unless it concerns national security, then you may want to talk to the men in black 😛
  • When s/he starts calling you more than than the number of meals you have in a day, check whether s/he actually misses you or feels compelled to or there’s a special program with reward points from her/his cellular/telephone provider!
  • “Women need food, water, compliment. and an occasional pair of shoes.”
    – Chris Rock, “HBO Stand up”
  • You have a healthy relations with your sibling when you can describe yours this way, “Sweet like the ice cream, deadly to each other like Tom and Jerry cartoon and inseparable nonetheless.”
  • “TTYL” in the virtual world is equal to “I’ll call you.” in real world. Means: the talk and call will not take place later on 😛
  • In times of crisis, do a quick damage assessment, contain the root of the problem ASAP. When it’s already flooding, open the gate, step aside, observe and watch. The water will not turn into squall, unless you meddle in.
  • Talking about the people you care/your significant other every waking hour signifies the extent you are missing him/her big time.
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