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Temulawak on the Rocks

February 4, 2009

Friend: Ahoy, Cap. What’s cookin?

Me: Work

Friend: I just got back. Drinking.

Me: If you’re sober, tell me what you had.

Friend: Temulawak on the Rocks.

Friend: BRB 5 mins

After 5 minutes

Friend: OK. I’m here. Whaddaya want?

Me: What do I want? hehe.. you’re the #1 chat partner, Mate! (#1 for sacrificing himself at my mercy to answer my silly questions)

Me: Okay. What’s temulawak? (actually, I missed typing “that”, which should refer to what he meant with that “Temulawak on the Rocks”. But, since it was 2 AM in the morning and I was in between “average”, “means”, “percentage of income” and “percentage of harvest”, I should be forgiven)

Friend: You don’t know temulawak? It’s a herbal drink. As a Javanese, you ought to know that herbal drink (this is what happened when you told the world where you port of origin is. The ethnic label!)

Me: I know temulawak. But, what do you mean by “Temulawak on the Rocks”

Friend: It means nothing.

Friend: Sheesh

Me: Temulawak is the new mixer? (Still not catching up, as the “average means” just came out)

Friend: I was pulling your legs.

Me: Oh..

This guy nicknamed me “Brainiac” simply because I put too much thinking into anything. Which means, I’m a slow thinker. Now you know what I mean!

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