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Cheat Sheet

January 29, 2009
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  • “Regrets are the last flight/train/bus that you won’t be able to catch.”
  • “When you have a heart, you will have dignity. When you don’t have a heart, you’re doomed.”
  • “If a man can’t do a divorce with a style, ditch him. You’d want yours to be lavish.”
  • “Semper paratus for this question: Why are you leaving us?”
  • “When you really drool over that particular woman, strategize!”
  • “Don’t put all food bills and money transfer receipt in your pocket. It’s your woman/wife/maid/kid who does the laundry.”
  • “If you subscribe to postpaid cellular service, it’s traceable.”
  • “Adrenaline does rush.”
  • “Keep your zipper up, it is meant to keep you safe.”
  • “Have a back up plan. Have a logical alibi, but never use “meeting” and “work” because they’re really lame.”
  • “Recycle bin can be recovered.”
  • “Lax control makes you slip.”
  • “Know how much alimony you have to pay.”
  • “When all hell broke loose, know exactly what you want and stick to it. It’s important.”
  • “When all hell broke loose, tough it up, eat shit and restart. Life has its cycle.”
  • “Once you’re in love, you’re doomed.”
  • “Once you’re in bed with your significant other, it does become legal matter.”
  • “Do what others do unto you.”
  • “Men do talk and women do listen.”
  • “Pray that you’ll be saved from temptations.”
  • “You may want to stick to someone that gives you comfort. Happiness is an extra feature that you can always work on.”
  • “A mistake is a mistake. Although it may be beyond repairs.”
  • “When you’re mad, don’t forget to get even.”
  • “When it is your first time, it hurts, but there are rooms for improvement. When it is your third time, check your priorities in life.”
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