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Everybody Wears Yellow Today

December 22, 2008

It’s the first day of the week. My friend said, “Everybody wears yellow today.” I’d say, a lot only, but not really everybody. They wear different colors on different days. Most loved colors are yellow and pink. To express love. To show love. For the great one.

It’s usually the widely-sold pale yellow Polo. There’s a huge protester group who also wears those yellow Polo shirt. Many people actually shared their sympathy with them. The people in yellow Polo are middle class who cares about not having a corrupt leader and government. They went to a huge rally. For many days. Until they decided to occupy the airport. Suddenly they become so uncool.

What does middle class look like?

Do they look like those big chunky guy who keeps talking on his phone while circling the mall in yellow Polo and plain black denim and ragged bag?
That women in undersized yellow Polo and a mini skirt with gold strappy stilleto?
The cleaning lady who shed her light blue uniform and changed into yellow Polo before going home?

My colleague from India is wearing the yellow Polo because he thinks it’s a nice souvenir. My friend back home said that yellow is the color of this season. Coming from a tropical country which seasons are only dry and wet, I don’t think “yellow” would signify any season..

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